UDesign 9.0.1 **Update 1**

UDesign 9.0.1 Update 1 is now ready for you to download. The Update 1 fixes are:

  • Job doesn’t have to be re-saved before it can be E-ordered.
  • LivinRoom downlights now work on all design types.
  • Global checks now work when changing from ancillary tab to a different tab.
  • LivinRoom plaster finish in an UltraRoof and LivinRoof is now the correct colour.
  • Pen thickness option in User Preferences added to thicken 2D drawing report fields.
  • SDG Bar preferences now being respected.
  • ‘Roof Glazing’ in ‘Design Params’ now doesn’t change without pressing apply.

22/06/17 – A new update is available below

Please download the new installer from:-

UDesign 9.0.1 – Update 1 (UPDATER) Installer – This is an update installer which ONLY includes the updated files.

*** 14/07/17 – SDG Update ***

We have an SDG update which replaces the one sent out in the above update.
If the SDG version you are running is then please run this update – (The SDG version can be found in the bottom left-hand corner of the SDG window once UDesign has been run and a design created).
Please download the SDG installer from:-


The UDesign team