UDesign 9.0.1 **Update 1**

UDesign 9.0.1 is now ready for you to download. This contains a number of key enhancements, which include:

  • New UltraSky Roof – 25 Degrees fixed pitch roof, available in Edwardian and double Edwardian styles, see HERE
  • Expansion of the UltraRoof templates to include P-Shape designs
  • New Tiered Flat Cornice guttering system available
  • Pricing updates to reflect Ultraframe list pricing, effective 1st June 2017
  • Our Software Video Training Series and Knowledge Base can now be accessed in the ‘Help and Support’ tab

Update 1 Fixes (22/06/17):

  • Job doesn’t have to be re-saved before it can be E-ordered.
  • LivinRoom downlights now work on all design types.
  • Global checks now work when changing from ancillary tab to a different tab.
  • LivinRoom plaster finish in an UltraRoof and LivinRoof is now the correct colour.
  • Pen thickness option in User Preferences added to thicken 2D drawing report fields.
  • SDG Bar preferences now being respected.
  • ‘Roof Glazing’ in ‘Design Params’ now doesn’t change without pressing apply.

A comprehensive list of changes can be found HERE.

IMPORTANT – Before downloading the latest version, please review the minimum requirements found HERE as we cannot guarantee that the software will run on anything below it. Also, we cannot support hardware that doesn’t meet our minimum requirements.

22/06/17 – A new update is available below

Please download the new installer from:-

UDesign 9.0.1 FAB – Update 1 (FULL) Installer – This is a complete installer which includes the updated files.

UDesign 9.0.1 FAB – Update 1 (UPDATER) Installer – This is an update installer which ONLY includes the updated files.

If you require help installing the software, click HERE

If you need to add your custom reports/printouts, click HERE

If you want to TURN-OFF the ‘Ultraframe Standard Designs’ picker, click HERE


The UDesign team