iPad App Trial

You’re almost there!

Great – you’ve almost finished.

In a few minutes you’ll get one of those annoying “confirmation” emails in your inbox, and I’m afraid you’ll have to click on the link to complete your request, as shown below:

aweber confirmation

I know it’s really annoying, but it’s to check that it was really you who requested the trial and not someone miss-spelling their email address (or someone with other motives!).

If you don’t confirm the email I can’t (“can’t” as in “I’d be breaking the law in some countries”, not that I don’t want to!) send you a link to our iPad App.

White-list Me!

As soon as you get the email, click the confirmation link (check your junk email/spam folder if it hasn’t appeared). It would be a really good idea to “white-list” the email address. You can do this by adding it to your email contacts list.

Remember you can remove yourself from this list any time you wish.

Dave Blakeman
Managing Director
RPS RoofWright