Key Features

A Few Things that Make UDesign Great

With the Industry leading RoofWright software at its heart, UDesign has been carefully constructed to help installers sell to the consumer. Through quick and easy-to-learn controls, professional photo-realistic presentations, and feature rich content, we aim to increase conversions and cement the customers desire for their ‘Dream Conservatory’.

Learn how to use the software in minutes

A complementary online training session is included to help you ‘hit the ground running’

Electronic Structural Design Guide (eSDG)

This feature will ensure that the design is ‘structurally sound’ for the customers location. The postcode and design will be checked, giving suggestions to ensure that the design will withstand the weather conditions for that location. In many cases the eSDG can even fix the design for you! This feature not only ensures the consumer’s safety, but also reinforces your “expert” status.

Thermal Design Guide (eTDG)

With the advance of Ultraframe products, this has been designed to calculate the thermal losses for your consumer’s design, demonstrating how a simple change of glazing material and adoption of the thermally efficient Loggia system will reduce the running costs of the extension.

A wide range of Ultraframe Products (Loggia, Livin’ Room, UltraSky, Prestige, RealRoof and More)

There is a wide range of Ultraframe products for the consumer with the ability to superimpose the design onto a photograph of their house. Alternatively, a photo of the garden can be used to show the view from within their new extension before they’ve even placed the order!

Comprehensive Real-Time Pricing.

The software will calculate the price of the job in real-time as you progress through the design.

Show the full range of colour options.

Instantly view the design in a variety of colours including foil options.

And Much Much More!