Apple Panels Testimonial

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“RoofWright – so much more than simply the best conservatory software

In the past I have written to say just how much we appreciated RoofWright – whether it’s the software itself or the total help and support that we receive from all at RPS.

When we first got together on this project we selected RoofWright because it honestly produced far superior 3D illustrations than any of the so called competitors. As we learnt to exploit it our sales improved – and they were already good. Being able to guarantee that salespeople ask the right questions (from planning permission to power points) further improved our sales conversion. It also meant that everyone in the sales teams performs to a very similar standard which has dramatically improved on the old 80/20 rule.

Now that RoofWright instantly creates beautifully detailed quotations and sales contracts while still in the customer’s home, conversion has improved yet again. And because RoofWright can instantly calculate the new profit in any deal – we find that we can take sales from competitors when previously we thought that we couldn’t.

The following experience will help illustrate the real power of RoofWright – last week we poached a salesman from a well know national company. A good salesman, but he’d never sold conservatories. I spent last Friday with him, installing RoofWright on his laptop and showing him how easy it is to follow the in built sales questionnaire. He went out on Saturday afternoon, sold a £16,000 conservatory, printed out the contract in the customer’s home and came home with a grin on his face! He was so impressed he sold another on Sunday!

Try doing that we any other conservatory software! People who think they know better are missing the point. They really must see it to understand RoofWright’s amazing and easily exploited talent. Pundits say that we are in the midst of a credit crunch. Last year we sold more conservatories than in any previous year. So far this year we are 42% up!

Thanks again for your truly invaluable help and tireless support.”

Paul Cooke,
Apple Panels
October 2010